Head Chef Ryan Stringer at Noma 108

The Danish restaurant Noma is frequently dubbed as being one of the best, if not the best, restaurants in the world and each year Noma selects a few lucky chefs from around the world to come to work and learn alongside the Noma team. Fantastically, our executive head chef here at ely, Ryan Stringer, is one of the chosen few!

This year there is an extra special project happening at Noma. The folks there have decided to open a pop-up restaurant that they are naming 108 which refers to its address in Strandgade, Christianshavn.
Ryan is one of the team behind the launching of 108. With 108, as with Noma, there is a great emphasis on working with both local produce and the producers. As these ideas and practices are similar to the concepts behind the ely philosophy of ‘pasture to plate’, Ryan promises to be a great addition to the 108 team.
So far Ryan has been so busy he has barely had the time to check in! Between: meeting new colleagues, producers and food gurus, travelling to learn about the origins of certain produce, sitting through lectures, learning new techniques and demonstrating his current knowledge, it really is no wonder! We promised not to plague him for a blog.
We will have brief updates on Ryan’s adventures with 108@Noma and you can follow 108 on Facebook an Twitter
Photo Curtesy of Ryan Stringer and 108