ely Promise – A More Affordable Wine in 2014

For our 15th year ely’s promise to you is a more affordable 2014
Enjoy the same excellent quality wines from winemakers, who share our passion, for less.

We have an undying passion for seeing great wine enjoyed by our guests but we fully understand that the recent cost increases make it more difficult to enjoy the fantastic wine that you love, so we have done something about it!
We have restructured our margins and absorbed the last two duty increases, which has resulted in considerable reductions on the price of all wine across our entire wine list so that you can enjoy the same excellent quality wines from winemakers, who share our passion, for less.

You deserve to enjoy a glass with a bar bite or a bottle over dinner, happily in the knowledge that you are paying 25% – 50% less for the same wine with us than elsewhere.

Erik Robson explains the ely wine promise to John & Sally McKenna

It’s broken so let’s fix it.

Since 1999 ely restaurants have paved the way for great wines by the glass as well as by the bottle. Expressive, engaging and rewarding wines, catering to all budgets.

Today, in our 15th year, we are paving the way forward by completely rethinking how we price our wines.
There have been considerable cost increases in Ireland pushing wine beyond acceptable price points in terms of the quality-value ratio: a global shortage in wine production, emerging markets in Asia, vineyards increasing prices, transport costs and the two duty hikes in the past twelve months.
It’s worth noting that a particular Côtes du Rhône costing €4.25 wholesale in France costs €10.50 here, before the respective VAT rates of 19.6% and 23%.

A more affordable 2014

We don’t believe that margins should automatically follow increases in cost. With that in mind ely has absorbed the 2013 duty increase, has changed how it buys its wines and restructured its margins.
These savings and an undying passion for seeing great wine enjoyed by our guests has resulted in considerable reductions in the price of wine in ely for 2014.

Quality is value
We hope you’ll agree that our 2014 wine prices – for the same great wines from winemakers who share our passion and commitment to quality and our decade and a half commitment to food provenance – make ely wine bar, ely bar & brasserie and ely gastro bar great value when dining out in Ireland.

For more information please email wineclub@elywinebar.com

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“Erik has an unerring nose for excellent wine and he has a head for business too. The little empire has been growing steadily in terms of bums on seats. No better man, then, than to address the thorny issue of value for money when it comes to having wine when you eat out.”
Tom Doorley – Irish Daily Mail

“A great decision, and courageous too given tight margins in the industry. Some lateral thinking long overdue in the industry to take it in a new direction. Your existing customers will certainly thank you for it, and you’re sure to generate new interest and popularity. Overall, it must be a win-win. I hope even more follow your lead, but hats off to the trend-setter!”
Des O’Mahony – Bookassist

“The result is a mouth-watering list of great wines at fantastic prices. The excellent Willunga 100 Grenache is €28 in Ely but €39.50 in a restaurant nearby and €17 in a shop. He also lists the superb Sang du Cailloux Vacqueyras for €46, as against €69 nearby and €30 in a shop.”
John Wilson – The Irish Times