Artisan Whiskeys at ely

Enjoy a 10 year old Suntory Yamazaki at ely restaurants – distilled and bottled in Yamazaki distillery, Japan’s oldest distillery. Founded in 1923, the distillery is situated in the vale of Yamazaki, an area of dense bamboo grooves at the foot of Mt. Tennozan outside Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital. The palate is sweet and creamy with the gentle influence of white oak and the freshness of green apple. Gentle sipping dram. Lively and appetising on the nose with a sensuous mouth feel with rounded edges, and bit of spice.

Suntory Yamazaki is a lovely contrast to 21 year old GlenDronach ‘Parliament’ from the Scottish Highlands. Glendronach have been making whiskey for nearly 200 years and this 21 year old is a stunning example of their craftsmanship. A delicate mix of ripe autumnal fruits – notably blackberries and red plums. Rich Oloroso sherry and candied orange segments. Spiced oatmeal biscuits and toasted oak fragrances bring excellent weight and balance.