Bollinger Rose – Life Can Be Perfect

With our seemingly endless summer in full swing, the city at its finest and everyone in great spirits, we at ely winebar in Ely Place felt we should do our bit to share in the celebration of this wonderful weather. 

And how do we celebrate? We celebrate with Champagne. But not just any Champagne…

A summer this special deserves a Champagne of equal stature, and when we speak of stature one Champagne House instantly comes to mind, one whose commitment to quality is as individual and unique as the outstanding wines it produces.

Bollinger first produced their Rosé in 2008, which, in keeping with the House style, is a blend of 62% Pinot Noir, 14% Chardonnay and the balance of Pinot Meunier. Over 85% of the grapes were from Grand or Premier Cru vineyards, ensuring absolute quality from the base wine up.
That was the serious bit. Now for the fun.

On pouring, this member of the Bollinger family shows itself to be a deep hue somewhere between pink and bronze (like many of us!) and brimming with hundreds of the tiniest bubbles. It smells fresh- red currants, cherries and strawberry – with just a touch of the toastiness that is characteristic of this great Champagne House. On the palate there is strawberry, raspberry and biscuit, with the vibrant flavours enhanced by the velvety-fine bubbles. And the finish just goes on and on.
Bollinger recommend this Rosé for a summer afternoon – and who are we to argue- but we’d happily drink it through the evening and beyond. Lots of wines claim to taste like “summer in a glass”, this tastes like the BEST SUMMER EVER!
Bollinger Rosé is on special offer in ely winebar, reduced from €145 to €95 by bottle, or €19 by the glass. While summer lasts. Treat yourself.