COVID-19 Working Guidelines at ELY Wine Store

While we are happy to be reopening and returning to some semblance of normal life, it is important to remember our duty to continue to stop the spread of this virus. We are and ask all guests to comply with government guidelines in relation to hygiene, social distancing and planning preparations for reopening.

Duty of Care

We have a duty of care for our team and all our guests and will take all precautions necessary to minimise the spread of infection. Many precautions we have always adhered to but full training and PPE gear will be supplied to our staff for their and your safety.

Staff will be monitored daily in relation to temperatures, existing infection, or risk thereof, and will be asked to remain at home if exhibiting any symptoms or they have come into contact with anyone who is.

We will operate, mainly, on a bookings only system with limited availability for walk-ins when the space allows.

We will have contact information for a point of contact for each table to ensure ease on contact tracing if needed.

Point of Contact

Each venue will have a designated point of contact in relation to COVID-19 that will ensure all measures are being carried out, to answer any staff questions or guest questions that their server may not be able to and to liaise with directors.

Limiting Contact

We have added precautionary measures to ensure minimal staff contact with guests and with food. These are as follows:

  • We encourage all payments to be made via contactless methods where possible
  • We have added precautionary measures to ensure minimal staff contact with guests and with food
  • We have introduced a one-way system (entering through our side door and exiting onto the main street).
  • We have floor markings both outside and within the venue.
  • We have created physical barriers at our counters.
  • Breaks and shifts will be split to ensure only mandatory staff at any time

Employee and Guest Health

Our employee and guest health and safety is, as always, our primary concern at ELY.

Face Coverings

Face masks will be provided to staff members who are advised to wear these at all times once in the building. This is at our discretion and we will monitor in accordance with HSE guidelines.

Physical Distancing

We have taken every precaution to adjust the layout of the venue to adhere to 1 / 2  meter distancing.

Groups that are not from the same household must adhere to this while queuing, sitting or moving throughout the restaurant.

Employees masks will act as a barrier between guests when communicating. A breach of the 1 meter rule must only happen in the event of:

  • Showing a guest to their table
  • Taking an order
  • Delivering food/drink
  • If summoned by guest
  • Taking payment

Hand Sanitiser

Handwashing as per HSE guidelines will be practised by all members of staff.

Hand sanitiser will also be available for employees/guests at the following places:

  • Prior to entering
  • Beside each till point
  • On the pass (employees only)
  • Outside and Inside Bathrooms
  • As leaving the venue


Signage will be on display in line with regulations.
It will highlight our social distancing, PPE and sanitising guidelines

All emergency contact numbers will be available at each till point in case of emergency.

Physical Distancing

We will be following the current rules of 2 metre between people. Physical distancing of 2 metre does not apply to members of the same household.


Any area where guests or employees’ queue will be clearly marked for appropriate recommended physical distancing.

Manager and/or supervisor on duty to ensure that guests are dispersed avoiding queues throughout the bar and restaurant during service.

It is the responsibility of supervisors and managers to ensure that guests do not congregate in groups. Where physical distancing is not physically possible, we have installed a system to the best of our ability.


Tables will be set with a full setting to minimise staff interaction and salt/pepper shakers will be disinfected between sittings.

Guest Journey

  • We will operate a strict one way in/one way out policy. Guests will queue and enter through our side door and exit through our front door.
  • The access and exit points are equipped with hand sanitiser plus signage instructing all guests to use it as they enter and leave.
  • Signage at front door will also include a reminder of social distancing, a recommendation to wear masks until seated and the protocols we are adhering too.
  • Clear markings are located on the pavement marking a 2 metre distance which groups/individuals not in the same party should adhere to.         
  • An employee will be assigned during each shift to clean and disinfect common touch surfaces regularly. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Doors
    • Counter tops
    • Table Tops
    • Bannister rails
    • Touch screens
    • Deli glass
    • Bathrooms
    • Card Machines
  • Hand sanitizers are available at entrance, exit, bathroom and top and bottom of staircase. We ask our customers to please use these.

Cleaning Protocol

  • As well as the sanitising of common touch areas the restaurant will see a full disinfection cleaning between shifts or twice daily. These areas include but are not limited to:
    • All floors
    • Bathrooms
    • Windows
    • Chairs & Tables
    • Employee Storage Areas
    • Kitchen
    • Back of House


  • Any linen is to be bagged immediately on becoming soiled or at the end of each shift by a staff member wearing gloves. This will be then sent for washing immediately.
  • Any shared equipment such as phones, ipads, keys etc. will also be disinfected at the end of each shift.