ely Summer Wines 2014 – Part 2

After learning all about the delicious Paparuda Pinot Noir from Romania and Raphael Palacios ‘Bolo’ Godello from Spain we continue our weekly series “ely wines for Summer” with two gems that you  should drink this Summer.

Wagner Stempel Riesling, Rheinhessen, Germany 2013

ely_restaurants_Wagner_stempelOk, we really need to get together as a wine drinking nation and get over our collective aversion to German wines! Fact- Germany produces some of the finest white wines in the world. Fact- most of them are dry! This is the spiritual home of Riesling, probably the most appealing and intriguing of all white varieties, and nobody can do it like the Germans- wines which so confidently walk the tightrope between ripe fruit and vibrantly cleansing acidity. In fact, the one characteristic most people love about Riesling, and German Riesling in particular, is the purity of flavour.
Wagner Stempel Riesling, which was recently certified organic, is a perfect expression of this trait. Lovely red apple flavours on the nose and palate, matched by perfectly pitched acidity and a long refreshing finish. This wine typifies everything that Riesling should be- pure in flavour, precise in balance and perfectly drinkable. It’s time to rediscover one of the true joys of the wine world.

Franz Haas Pinot Nero, Alto-Adige, Italy 2010

ely_restaurants_franz_haas_pinot_neroItaly is not the first place you’d look to for world class Pinot Noir, in fact, few of us would bother looking there at all. Do they even make any? ……. Nestled away in the Italian Alps, in the far north east of the country are some of the most stunningly beautiful vineyards you are ever likely to see! Snow covered peaks lead down to crystal clear lakes, with rows of perfectly tended vines in between, and the air here is so pure that you begin to remember what fresh air really is. This region is Alto-Adige, and home to the outstanding Franz Haas winery. Franz has long been feted for his whites, which are among the most highly regarded in Italy, but we have chosen his Pinot Nero, which we think is a perfect expression both of this grape, and this region.
This is an incredibly elegant Pinot Noir –delicate flavours of raspberry, cherry and plum combine with hints of cinnamon and clove on the palate to produce a wine that is at once fragrant, complex and silky smooth. Pinot is not about power or concentration, it is about perfume, texture and harmony, and this is a winner on all counts.


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