ELY Wine Bar & ELY Wine Store

Discover the Best of Wine and Food at ELY Wine Bar & ELY Wine Store.

For over 24 years, ELY has been a cornerstone of Ireland’s wine scene, offering a delightful combination of exceptional dining and fine wines. ELY Wine Bar, situated in the heart of Dublin city, and ELY Wine Store in Maynooth have become beloved landmarks for locals and visitors alike.

ELY Wine Bar, Dublin 2

We pride ourselves on being a proper WINE BAR, the place in Dublin to enjoy an exceptional glass or bottle of wine without committing to a three-course meal.

In true WINE BAR fashion, we’ve created a dining menu with WINE FIRST in mind, best described as sharing style, driven by seasonality and simplicity, letting the flavours of the wine and food marry together offering a delightful combination of exceptional dining and fine wines.
We also have a full bar and a wide variety of cocktails, both wine based and not.

Check out our sample menus here.

ELY Wine Store, Maynooth

ELY Wine Store, the cute younger sibling to ELY Wine Bar opened in 2019 and is a treasure trove for local wine lovers and those visiting the area. It is a neighbourhood food and wine spot.

We have a huge range of wines both available to take home or enjoy onsite: on their own, with brunch, lunch, dinner or bites!

We have sourced hundreds of great wines, available here in our wine store and through the corkage model. Make the most of our €15 corkage and try something different, something new or just treat yourself. You’ll find an extensive collection of carefully curated wines from around the world. From rare vintages to everyday sippers, our selection caters to all tastes and budgets.

We also serve as a coffee shop and deli in the morning and kick off restaurant service from lunchtime until late! See our sample menus here.