Wine and Organic Food at a Reasonable Price

ely wine bar is a restaurant in Dublin, Ireland that features Irish cuisine. If you are on a budget for dining, it is one of the few places where you can find organic Irish food served for both lunch and dinner. The best time and cheapest time to visit is during the lunch hour. But you can also get dinner for a fairly reasonable price as well.

One of the features of this restaurant is that they serve all organic produce and meat. All of the food that is brought into the restaurant is from local farms and other known suppliers that met the high standards of the restaurant. This means that they know exactly where your food is grown and how it is raised. Some of the meat and produce is produced by a farm that the restaurant owns.
The restaurant also caters to those who have special requests such as a vegetarian menu. You will need to talk with the server or call ahead if you have any special requests.

This local organic offering is also translated into a kids’ menu. The same type of produce and organic meat is used in the kids’ meals to create things that kids will like to eat as well. They strive to keep the salt and fat content down during the making of the kids’ meals.

While the emphasis is on organic offerings in the eatery, the restaurant originally started out as a wine bar. It has kept that tradition alive. They have recently revamped their wine prices to keep the costs down for the customer. This means that you have an affordable selection of over 400 wines to choose from.

The restaurant also hosts different wine tasting experiences. There are also big tasting events held in the restaurant. You will need to contact them for more information regarding the time and dates if you wish to participate in this type of event.

While you can find cheaper places in Dublin to eat, this restaurant offers both wine and organic food at a reasonable price. If you eat during the lunch hours or hit the early bird specials, you will still get the same quality of food at a more reasonable price.

The restaurant is open at 12 pm except on Saturdays when only dinner service is available. On Sundays, the restaurant is closed. You can make reservations ahead of time.

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