Tour de France Food and Wine Pairing at ELY WINE BAR with Charles Derain

France may be the most famous wine producing country in the world, but it still has some well-kept secrets – regions and varieties yet to reach the fame of Bordeaux or Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. For this very special tasting we’ll focus on some of the lesser known but hugely exciting mountain regions which are making some of our favourite wines in all of France. We’ll taste varieties such as Savagnin, Mondeuse & Trousseau, from Jura, Savoie and the Jurancon. To guide us on this wine adventure we’ve recruited the French-est man we know, Charles Derain. Sommelier, Importer and Wine Maker he is equal parts encyclopaedic wine knowledge and cheeky Gallic charm, the perfect person to introduce these fascinating wines. The wines will be paired with some of our classic wine bar dishes and superb French cheese.

Date: 09 Jul 2019
Time: 7PM
Location: ELY WINE BAR, 22 Ely Place
Cost: €50.00 

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Food and Wine Pairing on the night

Jurancon sec ‘la part d’avant’ 2016 Domaine Camin Larredya

Cod escabeche


Domaine Trosset ‘Or Blanc’ Vin de Savoie 2018

Domaine Tissot Arbois Trousseau 2016

Beef tartare, Jerusalem artichoke, lavash


Domaine Trosset ‘Arbin’ Mondeuse Vin de Savoie 2017

Crispy lamb belly, broad bean


Domaine Tissot Arbois “Savagnin” 2014



Domaine Camin Larreyda Jurancon ‘Costat Darrer’ 2016