Jean Foillard ‘Cuvee Corcelette’ Morgon 2016 – Weekend Coravin

By using Coravin, we are able to pour you a glass of wine from the bottle without pulling the cork. Jean Folliard ‘Cuvee Corcelette’ Morgon 2016 will be available by the glass, this weekend only, at ELY WINE BAR, 22 Ely Place.

A little more about Jean Foillard…

Jean is one of the superstar wine makers of Beaujolais, although he’d probably be the first to deny it. His Cote de Py tends to be the wine by which all other are measured; structured, robust and very impressive. We prefer his Cuvee Corcelette, which lies at the other end of the Beaujolais spectrum. Floral, delicate and perfumed, it is nuanced rather than powerful, imbued with an irresistible purity of fruit and stony minerality. This is why Beaujolais is so hot right now.

Jean Folliard ‘Cuvee Corcelette’ Morgon, Beaujolais, France 2016
Jean Folliard ‘Cuvee Corcelette’ Morgon
Beaujolais, France 2016