New spring menus at ely wine bar & ely executive chef’s experience with 108@Noma

ely executive chef Ryan Stringer’s experience with acclaimed New Nordic cuisine restaurant 108@Noma

ryan-stringer-elyOur  executive chef Ryan has just completed a 6 week stint with the team at Noma’s pop-up restaurant 108@Noma in Denmark. Noma has been one of the most influential restaurants of the past decade which food geeks make pilgrimages from all over the world to experience.

While he found the experience very interesting what he came away with was a confirmation that he was already on the right track with his style of cooking.

108@Noma demonstrated how to do more with less and that the ingredients that we already work with in ely are as they should be: seasonal, fresh, local and accessible. A perfect example is the foraging for organic wild garlic from our own farm, it’s already there you just have to go and get it!

Seasonality is also highly important especially when you’re working with local produce. Some seasons are so short and gone before we have had a chance to really enjoy it so Ryan has set out to ‘preserve the season’ through pickling and fermentation.

Flavour layering is the ability to put a number of contrasting flavours and depth of flavours on the one plate such as crab ravioli with prawn bisque and pickled fennel. Each component speaks for itself but also comes together as one.

The menu direction will continue with a lightness of touch that reflects today’s healthier life styles and also compliment the enormous selection of wines.

Sharing, grazing and merging of menus are how ely’s customers are making the most of Ryan’s dishes and the wines that go with them.

ely’s new spring menus

With the first day of spring just behind why not enjoy the beginning of the new season with our new spring menus at ely wine bar, 22 ely place

Spring set menu

Dinner menu

Bar menu