New Wine Tastings with Ian Brosnan

A new series of our award winning wine tasting evenings at ely have just dropped online!

Ian Brosnan, our sommelier, is always finding new and interesting themes for our wine tasting evenings and the Spring/Summer collection is no different.

We asked Ian to take a few minutes to give us an insight into what inspired him this time…

“The new series of tastings were inspired by wines I’ve been impressed by recently, or trips I’ve been on. The Australia tasting is a direct result of the incredible James Busby trip I was on in October of last year, a real eye-opener to what is actually happening in Australia at the moment and the incredible range and quality coming up from there.

Austria is in my opinion the most exciting wine country in Europe at the moment, for both reds and whites. We are probably a little more familiar with the whites, but there are world class wines in both colours and form some really interesting grapes.

Germany is a country that never fails to impress, both with  the stunning range of Rieslings, and the consistently improving Spatburgunder- a wine that proves a revelation to everyone who tries it.

The Italian whites tasting is an opportunity for us to showcase just a fraction of the amazing grape varieties to which Italy is home. It’s always one of the most interesting tastings we do, because we could run it three or four times over and never use the same variety, which makes choosing the wines for the tasting a very enjoyable challenge!”

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