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The ‘Nothing Added’ 6 – Wine Box



Sulphites get the blame for everything these days, from hangovers to allergies and more. Most of the time they’re an unlikely culprit, but we’re all for less chemicals in our wines. When done right, minimum sulphur and intervention can result in wines with fantastic liveliness and vibrancy.


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The 6 wines included are:


(Spk) Tissot ‘Indigene’ Cremant de Jura, Jura, France 2018   

          Superb Cremant from Jura, beats the crap out of most Champagne


(W) Calcarius ‘Ca’ Hellen Bianco (skin contact) Puglia, Italy 2018     

100% Greco, white fruit, herbal, fennel, saline and sublime


(W) Domaine Tissot ‘Patchwork’ Arbois Chardonnay Jura, France 2018     

A cracker of a Chardonnay, and far more interesting than a Burgundian equivalent


(R) Ulls de Mel Penedes, Spain 2018       

Light, elegant and beautifully flavoured Tempranillo from ancient vines. A real surprise


(R) Occhipinti SP68 Nero d’Avola/Frappato Sicily 2019                                    

      Arianna’s wines speak for themselves- cherry, leather, liquorice and smoke


(R) Jean Foillard Morgon ‘Cote Du Py’ Beaujolais, France 2018      

      I think it’s fair to say legend here. One of the finest wines in Beaujolais and beyond


SPK = Sparkling

W = White

R = Red

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