New Vintages, Verticals & Varieties at ely wine bar

The spring 2016 wine list for ely wine bar has just been printed, and the theme is Vintages, Verticals & Varieties. Each time we print a new list we look to add something different, seek a new dimension, constantly looking to improve on the previous list. In the past we’ve gone searching for intriguing new grape varieties from faraway places, or raided the cellars of some of our preferred wine makers, in order to be able to list some older examples of our favourite wines. This time we’ve done all three, and have come up with, what we think, is our best list yet!

wine-menu-coverWhen looking to expand the choice of wines on a list, the first thing to look at is grape varieties. We are all guilty of having go-to varieties or wine styles, and when confronted with a list of relative unknowns, it’s so much easier to revert to an old reliable. However, all is not lost. The extraordinary recent success of grapes such as Picpoul have shown that  given a little nudge in the right direction,  and with the right guidance, most of us are more than happy to experiment, music to our ears here in ely!

Our current wine-crush is Italian wine Grechetto, an Umbrian variety formerly known as little more than an ingredient in Orvieto, but a grape with massive potential in the right hands. Those hands are Roccafiore, and the wine they produce is beautifully textured, with citrus and white fruit, pitch-perfect acidity and incredible depth of flavour.  And when you’ve tried the Grechetto, move on to the Verdicchio, the Grillo or the Greco di Tufo.

A Vertical, in the wine sense, is a run of vintages of the same wine, and something we only do with the wines we really love.  It’s not always easy to do but we’ve managed to secure a fascinating collection of older wines from Domaine Ogier in Cote Rotie, bottles from ’03, ‘04’,’05 up to current releases. We’ve got multiple vintages of Valbuena from the legendary Vega Sicilia, and an eye-popping range of Lokoya from Napa Valley.

It doesn’t end there- we have older vintages of some of our listed wines – so just ask!

Our best wine list yet? Probably.

Some of the best finer wine by the glass and our new Bar menu make ely the greatest wine bar in town…drop-in tonight.

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