My work experience at ely bar and brasserie

The week I spent gaining experience in ely bar and brasserie was one of the most interesting and dynamic weeks of my life. From working in the restaurant, to observing the work that goes into serving the incredible food in the kitchen and being able to witness first hand the immense task that is running a restaurant like ely, the week gave me a real sense of what the restaurant industry is about.
Not only was the week so well planned that I got the chance to see every aspect of the restaurant, the staff were incredibly helpful and kind. Never did I pass a member of the ely team with out receiving a smile and a cheerful ‘Hello!’.
Despite the first few days serving the customers being slightly terrifying, the tips I received from the staff and their encouragement meant that I settled in quickly and learned a lot faster. In just five days I learned so many skills that I know I will find useful in many years time and will help me immeasurably in life and future work.
ely was genuinely interested in making sure that I learned as much as possible in such a short time, and I was really sad when my week was over. I have every single staff member at ely to thank for being so patient with me and for their advice and guidance that made my week at ely so educational and memorable, and to the management for giving me the incredible opportunity to work in and gain experience from not only one of the best,but the best wine bar in Ireland.
I’m so glad I spent my work experience at ely!

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5th year work experience